CFP: IEEE Internet Computing Special Issue on Context-Aware Computing

Pankaj Mehra and I are guest editors for an upcoming special issue of IEEE Internet Computing with the topic “Beyond Search: Context-Aware Computing“.

Here is a copy of the call for papers:

Context is the unstated actor in human communications, actions, and situations. It makes our communication efficient, our commands actionable, and our situations understandable to the people, organizations, and devices that provide us with content or services. The increased embedding of technology into our personal and social environments drives a need for context-aware computing.

Context-aware computing offers mobile Internet users an experience that goes beyond user-initiated search and location-­based services. Context awareness sharpens relevance when responding to user-initiated actions (such as product search and support calls). It also enables proactive communications through analysis of a user’s behavior and environment, thereby forming the basis for key business imperatives targeting customer-engagement systems. Even greater opportunity arises from context use in systems that can make sense of and engage in customer dialogs and forums.

This special issue seeks original articles that support and illustrate context use in creating enhanced user experiences. Sample topics include

  • proactive, contextualized delivery of information, alerts, and advertisements;
  • context-mediated Web service orchestration, yielding actionable interpretation of spoken high-level commands;
  • system architecture, economics, and ecosystems for comprehensive capture, representation, communication, gathering, and brokering the larger user context;
  • systems of engagement that treat discourse as text plus context and process textual communication as an event in which linguistic, cognitive, and social actions converge; and
  • reasoning and knowledge representation mechanisms that use context in selecting the body of knowledge to use, the level of detail to model, and the point of view with which to communicate and interpret text and data.

All submissions must be original manuscripts of fewer than 5,000 words, focused on Internet technologies and implementations. All manuscripts are subject to peer review on both technical merit and relevance to IC’s international readership—primarily system and software design engineers. We do not accept white papers, and we discourage strictly theoretical or mathematical papers. To submit a manuscript, please log on to ScholarOne ( to create or access an account, which you can use to log on to IC’s Author Center and upload your submission.

I hope some of you will submit articles in time for the June 15 deadline, and Pankaj and I look forward to reviewing them.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.