New Web Site for HCIR Workshop

In 2007, I persuaded MIT graduate students Michael Bernstein and Robin Stewart (who was interning at Endeca that summer) to help organize the first Workshop on Human-Computer Information and Information Retrieval (HCIR 2007), which we held at MIT and Endeca. Its success convinced us to keep going, and we enjoyed record attendance at this year’s HCIR 2010, held at Rutgers University.

As the workshop has grown, we as organizers have realized that we need to invest a little in its online presence. A first step in that direction is a new site for the workshop: The site contains all of the proceedings from the four annual workshops in one place. It is powered by Google Sites, which will make it easy for a bunch of us (and perhaps some of you) to collaboratively maintain it.

I hope everyone here finds the new site useful. Please feel free to come forward with ideas for improving it! But be warned–if you have a great idea, I might ask you to implement it yourself.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.