David Petrou Presents Google Goggles at NY Tech Meetup

Image recognition is one of those problems that has presented long-standing challenges to computer scientists, despite being taken for granted by science fiction writers. Google Goggles represents one of the most audacious efforts to implement image recognition on on a massive scale.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of watching my colleague, David Petrou, present a live demo of Goggles to about 800 people who filled the NYU Skirball Center to attend the NY Tech Meetup. Many thanks to Nate Westheimer and Brandon Diamond for giving Google the opportunity to present this cool technology to a very engaged audience and in particular to show off some of the technology that Googlers are building here in New York City.

You can’t see the live demo in the slides, so I encourage you to view a recording of the presentation here.

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By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.