CIKM 2009 Accepted Papers

The two biggest academic conferences for information retrieval are SIGIR and CIKM (a site which, sadly, is still hacked). Hopefully some of you enjoyed my coverage of SIGIR 2009–or, better yet, attended and experienced it for yourselves.

Anyway, thanks to Jeff Dalton for alerting me that the CIKM 2009 accepted papers list is now available. I don’t plan to make it to Hong Kong this November, but I hope that those who do are kind enough to blog about it!

Also, I see mention of an industry track, but not of an Industry Event like the widely acclaimed one held at CIKM 2008–which inspired my own organization of the SIGIR 2009 Industry Track. I’m curious whether such industry events will prove to be one-time phenomena or will become a staple of these  conferences. I hope for the latter, but I am admittedly biased, given my industry-centric perspective.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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looks interesting. I see a couple of people from FAST in that list too. Ryen’s, in particular tho, looks like it’ll be good.


Fair point. I’ve never attended either, but I’ve heard great things about the WSDM conferences. I’ve heard more mixed reviews of WWW, but I supposed that is to be expected of a large conference with 10+ parallel sessions.


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