MIT User Interface Design Teatime Blog

I just discovered that the User Interface Design group at MIT has started blogging. Here’s the mission statement from their opening post:

The sharing of knowledge and ideas is of fundamental importance to the advancement of technology. With this goal in mind, MIT’s User Interface Design group meets once a day at Tea Time to brainstorm new ideas, review new technologies and ideas, and share their experiences working in the field.

If we hope to herald innovation by sharing ideas with a research group , then there’s a boundless value to sharing ideas and thoughts with the world at large. With this goal in mind, we will post a daily log of the musings and observations we discuss in our tea time meetings, and welcome your thoughts and comments about Human Computer Interaction, User Interface Design, and increasing the value and effectiveness of how we use technology.

I’m psyched whenever I see academics blogging, and even more psyched to see a collective effort like this one.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.