Andrew Tomkins to Academics: Work on Social Media Search

Yahoo Researcher Andrew Tomkins gave the keynote at the CIKM 2008 Workshop on Search and Social Media, entreating academics to forget about core web search, where they can’t compete on a level playing field with commercial search engine companies, and instead to focus on social media search. Notes here, courtesy of Matt Hurst.

Thanks to him and everyone else blogging and twittering from the conference!

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

2 replies on “Andrew Tomkins to Academics: Work on Social Media Search”

There are still so many things left to search. I agree that the social graph will be a fertile field for search research (pun?) – I also think that semantic search technologies will be interesting to watch develop.

Daniel – I’m very interested in your expertise at Endeca. I was part of the founding team of the first and largest student run venture fund and would like to pick your brain. Could you contact me please?


Allan, I agree that the search space is in its early days. In fact, one way to interpret Andrew’s advice is that academics should think big, rather than trying to play catch-up or incrementally improve on what industry has already accomplished.

I’d be happy to share my ideas about the search space. Shoot me an email: dtunkelang at gmail dot com.


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