Data 2.0 Summit

I’ll be participating in the Data 2.0 Summit on Tuesday, April 3rd, and I hope to see some of you there. Last year, my colleague (and fellow LinkedIn data scientist) Scott Nicholson attended and wrote this guest post about it. This year, I’m not only attending but participating on a panel about social data, moderated by AllthingsD Senior Editor Liz Gannes.

There’s a great line-up of speakers for the day, including:

  • Bram Cohen, the founder, chief scientist, and inventor of BitTorrent, the leading peer-to-peer file sharing protocol for sharing large files on the Internet.
  • Michael Driscoll, CTO and co-founder of the Metamarkets Group. He moderated a fantastic debate at the recent Strata conference about the relative importance of domain expertise or machine learning for data scientists.
  • Gil Elbaz, the founder and CEO of Factual, an information marketplace. He is also the co-founder of Applied Semantics, which Google acquired in 2003 for $102M and turned into the foundation for AdSense (now a $10B business).
  • Anthony Goldbloom, co-founder and CEO of Kaggle,  a platform for data science competitions that generated a lot of discussion at Strata.
  • Stefan Weitz, director of search at Bing. He’ll be on my panel. Also see the discussion I had with him in the comment thread for a post on “Why Are People So Clueless About Search?“.

And lots more, but you get the idea. I’m thrilled to be part of such a talent-heavy program and looking forward to insightful discussions with with fellow panelists and attendees. Also a great excuse to spend a day in the city (note for my former townspeople — that’s what they call San Francisco around here).

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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