Going Public

What a day! I’ve been excited about LinkedIn from the moment I joined — and for several years before that — but today has been a unique experience. I hope our celebration extends beyond LinkedIn’s employees and investors — this is a great day for Silicon Valley, for the data scientists who are building its most valuable companies, and for the users who are benefiting from it all. I am proud and deeply grateful to be a part of this extraordinary adventure. My thanks to my hundreds of incredible colleagues and to the 100M users who have made it possible.

ps. Yes, we are still hiring, so please contact me if you’re the kind of person who loves turning data into gold. And if you are local, check out Christos Faloutsos’s upcoming tech talk on Mining Billion Node Graphs, which will take place at LinkedIn on June 2 and is open to the public.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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