Overcoming Spammers in Twitter

As I blogged a few months ago, University of Oviedo professor Daniel Gayo-Avello published a research paper entitled “Nepotistic Relationships in Twitter and their Impact on Rank Prestige Algorithms“, in which he concluded that TunkRank was the best of the measures he studied for ranking Twitter users. I recently discovered that he and David Brenes posted slides from their presentation at CERI 2010 on “Overcoming Spammers in Twitter”. Enjoy!

By Daniel Tunkelang

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That’s why never follow people that you don’t know. I never really get the idea why we should follow people that we don’t know of. I only follow families and friends.


To each his or her own, but I think Twitter would be less popular–and less useful–if everyone took that approach. Part of Twitter’s value proposition is making it easy for you to follow people you find interesting, even if you don’t know them personally. Indeed, I’ve gotten to know people by following them on Twitter. But I won’t begrudge you an approach that works for you.


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