The War on Attention Poverty: Measuring Twitter Authority

I gave this presentation today at AT&T Labs, hosted by Stephen North of Graphviz fame. The talk was recorded, but I don’t know when the video will be available. In the mean time, here are the slides.

The audience was very engaged and questioned just about all of the TunkRank model’s assumptions. I’m hopeful that as Jason Adams and Israel Kloss work on making a business out of TunkRank, they’ll bridge some of the gap between simplicity and realism.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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I think it’s great that this came from a blog. The traditional publishing infrastructure is an increasingly poor solution given the technology that we have.


What is true as a law on the Web is also true for software projects that now heavily use the Web. I came here looking for wisdom because i am part of a competing open source project in the ERP space. They are competing neck to neck for the scarce resource of ERP expertise to collaborate.

From those who joined our project, i can say 95% of them have to leave other projects to do so and vice versa. We are not that good at polygamy online.


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