SIGIR 2010 and SimInt 2010

I’m looking forward to attending SIGIR 2010 in a few weeks and particularly to the SimInt 2010 Workshop on the Automated Evaluation of Interactive Information Retrieval. I hope I get to see a little bit of the city of Geneva, but mostly I’m excited to spend the greater part of a week immersed in the global information retrieval community.

Of course I’ll blog about the conference, though I can’t promise it will be at quite the level of detail I managed last year. Also, I’m glad that SIGIR is continuing to have an industry track, and I am impressed with the program that David Harper and Peter Schäuble have put together. Needless to say, I’m glad to not have the stress of being an organizer this year! Though I’ll put in an early plug for CIKM 2011 in Glasgow, where I’ll be organizing the industry track with former co-worker Tony Russell-Rose.

Some SIGIR papers that caught my attention in the program:

  • Predicting Search Frustration
    Henry Feild, James Allan (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Rosie Jones (Yahoo! Labs)
    (looks like a follow-up to the first two authors’ HCIR 2009 paper on Modeling Searcher Frustration)
  • Relevance and Ranking in Online Dating Systems
    Fernando Diaz, Donald Metzler, Sihem Amer-Yahia (Yahoo! Labs)
  • On Statistical Analysis and Optimization of Information Retrieval Effectiveness Metrics
    Jun Wang, Jianhan Zhu (University College London)
  • Is the Cranfield Paradigm Outdated? (keynote)
    Donna Harman (NIST)
  • Interactive Retrieval Based on Faceted Feedback
    Lanbo Zhang, Yi Zhang (University of California at Santa Cruz)
  • Do User Preferences and Evaluation measures Line Up?
    Mark Sanderson, Monica Lestari Paramita, Paul Clough, Evangelos Kanoulas (University of Sheffield)
  • Human Performance and Retrieval Precision Revisited
    Mark D. Smucker, Chandra Prakash Jethani (University of Waterloo)

As for the SimInt workshop, it aims “to explore the use of Simulation of Interactions to enable automated evaluation of Interactive Information Retrieval Systems and Applications.” I’m very excited about this attempt to bridge the gap between TREC/Cranfield and IIR/HCIR through simulation. Props to Leif AzzopardiKal JärvelinJaap Kamps, and Mark Smucker for organizing it!

If you’re planning to attend SIGIR, please give me a shout! I plan to be there for the entire conference, and you’ll probably find me at the Google booth during some of the coffee breaks.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.