Google’s New Look

I wish I could take even a gram of credit for this! I’m really proud of my colleagues for rolling out this new design that encourages and facilitates exploratory search. Go HCIR!

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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.i like my search engine results plain, relevant and uncluttered.

This “toolbar” is nothing more than a waste of desktop real estate, it offers nothing new or of relevance… i for one would like to see a preference option to be able to turn off this “feature”.

I’m all for change and i guess so is google…


@googlis: You might not like it, but it’s a pretty sweeping claim to say that it offers nothing new of relevance. Don’t the toolbar options themselves, what tools are available and in what order, change dynamically based on user and query? For example, when I type in a “rock band” name, the toolbar shows me links to video, images, and blogs. But when I type in “iceland volcano”, I get images, news, and updates.

Thus, the tools themselves DO “add something new of relevance”.

You might not like it, but it’s not true that there is “nothing new of relevance”.


Please add a hide button to the new side bar options. It’s handy occasionally but it can be distracting and it’s basically a copy off Bing which I not a fan of. Remeber, KISS.



@Shannon: It’s actually a copy of Bing’s copy of PowerSet’s copy of Endeca’s copy of … [As a linguist, I can’t resist examples of deep recursive embedding.]

I’m just glad Google’s willing to change direction or try new things at all given the amount of profit they’ve generated with the old just-a-textbox approach. Though it’s not like they don’t have the budget or resources to try out ideas before launch.

I’m eagerly awaiting the demise of “I’m feeling lucky”. Any year now, I’m sure. I may be missing something, but it seems distracting and hence less than useless to searchers, especially naive ones. And it also seems counterproductive to Google’s advertising revenue model because it byapsses their own top-level ads.


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