Blogging SSM 2010 and WSDM 2010

I’m delighted to report that I’ll be blogging about the Search and Social Media Workshop (SSM 2010) and the Web Search and Data Mining Conference (WSDM 2010) for Communications of the ACM.

Of course, I’ll cross-post here. I also encourage folks to follow the live tweet streams at #ssm2010 and #wsdm2010, as well as Gene and Jeremy’s posts at the FXPAL blog.

To those attending: see you all tomorrow through Saturday! To everyone else: I will try my best to communicate the substance and spirit of the conference.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

3 replies on “Blogging SSM 2010 and WSDM 2010”

Dan, everyone, I’m so sorry to be missing the workshop but I’ll be following the tweet stream.
This is a great use of blog@cacm.


Daniel, these kinds of streams are one of my favorite applications of blogs and Twitter. Thanks for volunteering to do it, and I look forward to some very interesting content!


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