Blogs I Read: Living La Vida Local

My new role at Google (yes, it still feels new after not quite a month!) has given me a professional interest in local search. I’ve adjusted my reading materials accordingly, and I’ve started reading blogs that focus on local. Here are a handful that I’ve discovered so far:

Not surprisingly, these blogs offers me a critical perspective on how Google and other search engines serve the local space.  Granted, everyone has their own motives–and it’s hard to avoid some tension in a space with the competitive dynamics of local search. But now that I’m no longer an outsider myself, I appreciate having others to help keep me honest as I work to make local search better for users and businesses.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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Hey Daniel – haven’t caught up with you since you moved over to the new gig at Google but belated congrats.

Local is a tough space! Great to hear Google has you on the job


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