The Noisy Noogler: A Quick FAQ

I’m barely 24 hours into my new life as a Googler, and I’ve already gotten lots of questions! Here at the answers to a few of them:

Will I continue blogging at The Noisy Channel?

Absolutely! I’m committed to posting at least weekly, and I’ll try to do better than that once I’m settled into my new environment.

Will I participate in scholarly conferences and workshops?

Of course! I’m co-organizing SSM 2010, which will be held in conjunction with WSDM 2010 in February, and of course HCIR 2010, which will be held in conjunction with IIiX 2010 in August. You probably won’t see me at vendor fests, but I do hope to continue bringing industry practitioners and academic researchers together.

Will I blog about Google?

I certainly won’t disclose any confidential information–people get fired for that–or worse. And, given how much access I will have to such information, I will err on the side of caution, only discussing information that I’m sure Google has released to the general public. Beyond that, I’ll exercise common sense. I don’t want to either come across as a shill for my employer or to spar with my new colleagues in public. Subject to those constraints, however, I can and will blog about Google.

Can I get you a job at Google?

I can advise you and connect you to a recruiter, but that’s the limit of my power. The hiring process here is specifically designed to prevent any individual from manipulating it–even me!

Will I talk about what I’m working on?

See above regarding confidential information. I’ll be delighted to talk about anything I’m working on that Google has decided to disclose publicly.

Does Google know about my karaoke habit?

Too late, they’ve already signed the offer letter. 🙂

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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