Google Updates Search Refinement Options

Google announced today that its Search Options feature, which allows users to progressively refine search results, now includes new refinement options: past hour, specific date range, more shopping sites, fewer shopping sites, visited pages, not yet visited, books, blogs and news. Of course, you could do some of this already with clever hackery. In any case, it’s great to see Google slouching towards HCIR on its most visible search property. Perhaps I was too quick to write off their interest in faceted search. Meanwhile, I’m staying tuned for Bing 2.0.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

2 replies on “Google Updates Search Refinement Options”

I’m happy to see these efforts continue.

I still want “sort by least recent”, though. You can simulate it by iteratively restricting your dates to earlier and earlier time periods — a painful, manual process. And it really doesn’t give you the resolution that you need, unless you use really tight windows. Which makes the process even more difficult by increasing the number of iterations needed.


I agree. I wonder if they deliberately make that operation difficult because it’s computationally expensive. Would be nice if someone built a Firefox add-on that did iterations for you.


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