Bing Visual Search Beta

Periodic Table

Bing launched a Visual Search beta today that is fun to play with. The name may be a bit misleading–this isn’t an image search engine, let alone one that allows you to find images based on visual similarity. Rather, it’s a graphically intensive (don’t forget to install Silverlight!) way to explore a small data collection.

I agree with Elisabeth Osmeloski at Search Engine Land that the galleries included with this beta launch emphasize novelty over utility. Still, it’s nice to see a visual faceted search application for exploring the periodic table. And it’s an interesting example of micro-IR.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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5 replies on “Bing Visual Search Beta”

interesting that visual search link doesnt work anymore… its the same link from google. also fails… is it a US thing only or something?

anyway – did you try the old blackberry test again?


I probed Visual Search and I think that is simply a search based on categories with the visual component. As user I think it can´t have much success, people want to find what you are looking for. Basically it´s a commercial search


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