UIE Virtual Seminar on Faceted Search: A Great Experience!

Pete Bell and I delivered the seminar today, and it was a blast! We had over 150 registered listeners–and I found out that at least one of those registrations corresponded to a roomful of 20 people at an online retailer that is a thought leader in web usability and design!

Since we didn’t manage to get to all of the questions (over 40–possibly over 50 counting the activity on Twitter!), we’re going to do a follow-up podcast that will be available even to people who didn’t attend the seminar. And, since even that might not be enough, I’m saving all of the questions as blog fodder.

To all who attended–and to Jared, Adam, and all the folks of UIE–thanks from me and Pete for giving us this great opportunity to connect with folks interested in faceted search and user experience.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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