Google’s Peter Norvig Offers Kind Words for Bing, Exploratory Search

Great post from our commenter-in-chief Jeremy Pickens on his own blog, Information Retrieval Gupf, about comments from Google Director of Research Peter Norvig at a recent semantic technology search panel (at the same Semantic Technology Conference where the New York Times announced that it will be publishing its index as Linked Data).

Asked what he thought of Bing, Norvig answered (in Jeremy’s paraphrase):

Norvig’s first answer to the Bing question was to say that he likes the idea of innovation in the user interface. He thinks that there is a lot of room for more such innovation, and for a lot of different reasons.  Historically, there has been too much emphasis on getting the ranking right, at the expense of all else.  Of course (he added) a quality ranking is something that you absolutely must have.  But for too long it has been the only thing that has been worked on, and that needs to change.  He thinks Bing has made some good steps, and that there are a lot more that can be made as well.

Great stuff! Read the rest over at IR Gupf.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.