Faceted Search Book: Now Available Online!

I’m delighted to report that my faceted search book is now available for online purchase at the Morgan & Claypool site! The printed version should be going out shortly (you can pre-order at Barnes & Noble or Amazon); the publisher assures me that there will be copies in time for SIGIR.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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Congrats on the book launch.

Are there a lot of pictures in it? Amazon preview isn’t available yet and I’m not sure whether to get paper or Kindle version. (Kindle II doesn’t have the best graphics rendering for PDFs and if there’s a lot of illustrations, I’d go the paper route.)



Thanks! There are a fair number of pictures to illustrate both the history and examples of particular techniques, but I think they should work reasonably well in both paper and digital format. The only downside of the printed version is that it’s black and white–but again I tried to use high-contrast figures that don’t depend on color.


Yes, there is a bit of an irony there, given the material in this series! Thanks for surfacing the link! And glad to see it’s only $25.

As for your credit card numbers, all I can suggest is that you send them to me. Seriously, try Amazon–price there is $23.62. Though Barnes & Noble is claiming an earlier shipping date for only a few dollars more.


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