Book. Is. Done.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start a holiday weekend than by uploading the revised chapters of my faceted search book to the publisher. It was the first–and hopefully last–time that I have hand-edited pdf files (download a trial version of Acrobat here if you’re jealous). Barring some unforeseen event, the publishers will incorporate these last edits and then make the book available in hard-copy and electronic format in a few weeks!

I’d to thank everyone who helped me put the book together. I’m grateful to Candy Schwartz (the Co-Editor of Library & Information Science Research–how cool is that?) for her thorough feedback, as well to the the veritable army of voluntary reviewers who offered great suggestions to improve both the content and style of the book: Omar Alonso, Pete Bell, Amitava Biswas, Blade Kotelly, Sol Lederman (who also wrote a review based on the draft), Milan Merhar, Jennifer Novosad, XiaoGuang Qi, Brett Randall, Dusan Rnic, and Joshua Young. I hope I haven’t missed anyone!

And of course I am grateful for the support of my family and co-workers. Hopefully they will be glad to have me back among the ranks of the living.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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Congratulations!I can imagin how relieved you must be, enjoy.
2 questions:
1.I am doing opinion mining and I do the IR and then NLP with the final OM evaluation. Do you think is better to have the intelligence in the search engine or in the process that is performed after that?For example I might want pages in spanish only. (The problem is that the links in the enlish pages that point to other spanish pages might not be reached if I do this at crawling time, or that crawling will take longer)
2. Which article do you recomend for faceted search? Is it a kind of slice/dice tree bruncbing for linguistic information as NE? Sorry but I am confused?

If you want to check some of my stuff here it is:
1. Working in the crawler from the people of
2. NLP, eclectic either NLKT, vector spaces manipulations, taggers,stemm, ….
3. Particular opinion mining written soft, based partialy on Turney’s work. Maybe Liu also

You can google me online, there is some of my stuff arround I think

Thank you very much for you time


Thanks! It is a relief, and I hope the book prove useful and enjoyable to read.

Mariana, I’m not an expert on opinion mining, let alone on web opinion mining. It sounds like you want to perform focused crawling and then do your own indexing to perform the opinion mining (and probably other information extraction), then leveraging the extracted metadata at query time. But you’ve clearly worked in this field a lot longer than I have, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

As for an article on faceted search, of course I recommend my book! But if you can’t wait–or if you want something for free, you might consider this book chapter by Marti Hearst:


Daniel — congrats on finishing the book!

Now, the burning question that everyone wants to know: What sort of deal did you strike with the publisher for movie rights? And will they ask you to write the screenplay?

I can see the three-quel movie titles already:

Faceted Search: A New Hope
Faceted Search: Google Strikes Back
Faceted Search: Return of Relevance



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