Where Have All The Google Killers Gone?

Harry McCracken at Technologizer just posted “A Brief History of Google Killers“, in which he enumerates fourteen companies that “were supposed to do away with the Web’s biggest brand”. He forgot a few–I’d love to see a a more comprehensive list (e.g., where’s Dipsie?). Still, it’s an informative and entertaining analysis, and would be Google executioners would do well to read the lessons. I have a “So You Want To Kill Google” post in the virtual queue, but this will have to tide you over until I have time to write it.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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Nice, but they show their age. Not only has Google’s market share and breadth of services has grown significantly, but it now seems comical to suggest that Microsoft could “Netscape” Google.


There is no possibility to Netscape the Google but what if they do.

In that list the only real Google-killer was Alltheweb. I used it extensively, searching was very customizable and results was satisfactory. Then they were sold, ditched advanced options and over time became dull. Daniel, do you know why did they sell?

There were one more French SE, name starting with E, what happened to them?


From the FAST Wikipedia entry:

In 2003, FAST decides to focus on enterprise search, and sells their Internet division, including FAST Web Search, FAST PartnerSite and, to Overture Services, Inc. (later acquired by Yahoo!).

I think the other company you’re thinking of is Exalead. They are still alive, but mostly focused in Europe.


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