Plan to Attend SIGIR ’09!

SIGIR 2009 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel and at Northeastern University. The conference will run from July 19-23, 2009. Even if you are not a researcher and shy away from academic conferences, I urge you to take a look at the Industry Track. I may be a bit biased as its organizer, but I think you’ll agree that you’ll be hard pressed to find that much industry search expertise packed into a single day’s agenda at any other event, let alone one that is so reasonably priced.

Registration information isn’t quite finalized, but here is the info from the current registration page:

Conference registration

Registration for the conference will be available in mid-April. To help you plan, the expected advance registration fees for ACM members are below. The actual fees may change, but we do not expect they will be higher.

  • $710 for the main three-day conference, including the conference banquet ($450 for students)
  • $175 for tutorials
  • $150 for workshops
  • A special one-day registration will be available for Wednesday’s Industry Track. No student registration is currently anticipated for the Industry Track only. The registration fee for that day is not yet set.
  • Normal (after mid-May) and late/on-site (after early July) registration fees will be higher.
  • Attendees who are not members of the ACM are charged higher registration fees.

Travel grants and volunteer possibilities for students will be announced later.

Hotel registration

The main conference, including the Industry Track, will be held at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. Tutorials and workshops will be held on the Northeastern University campus.

For information about accommodations and how to reserve rooms, please look here.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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Yes, CIKM last year was also quite the shocker. But the SIGIR 2008 fee was S650 (650 singaporean dollars), which comes out to around $430 USD. And for many, many years, that’s been about the price… somewhere in the $450-500 USD range.

It’s just a bit of a shock.


$475 at the time (the dollar’s gotten stronger in the past year), but point taken. I suspect they were depending on funding sources that aren’t quite so generous this year. I know that the program committee is working hard to get sponsors, and this isn’t a fun year to do it.


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