Online Advertising Fight Club

Those of you who have been enjoying our recent debate about the future of online advertising should check out TechCrunch, which is offering a “Steel Cage Debate On The Future Of Online Advertising: Danny Sullivan Vs. Eric Clemons“.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with this fight:

I can’t promise that all of the TechCrunch commenters will be as civil or thoughtful as those who comment here, but I am sure they’ll make up for it in quantity. And yes, I’m covet that readership–but the least I can do is make sure everyone here gets a good seat for the prize fight.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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3 replies on “Online Advertising Fight Club”

It is inconceivable that online marketing will go down. It will change and adapt as the mediums to… For example, iPhone apps will soon have advertising in them and alongside those kind of developments we will have the birth of effective local advertising through GPS.


People can easily block most ads on web pages. It’s also increasingly easy to watch TV without ads, whether by using Hulu with an ad blocker or by recording the show and watching it later, skipping through ads. For those unconcerned with the legality of piracy, ad-stripped copies of TV shows appear online almost instantly as torrents.

Fortunately for the advertising industry, all of the above don’t seem to have made much of a dent. But I wouldn’t be smug if I were in their shoes. Especially because the trend seems to be towards smarter clients where consumption are in a strong position to control their consumption experience. In my view, that doesn’t bode well for content providers who until recently had much more control over this experience.

Yes, there’s product placement. And there are close application architectures. But that’s a lot of adaptation to ask from the industry, if those are the only venues where they’ll have free rein.


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