Challenge: Blog + Twitter vs. Aardvark

I asked Aardvark the following question this afternoon:

Trying to track down an animated short where a bunch of critters invent a machine to discover where they are, only to learn that they are a dream inside someone’s head. They ultimately turn into pink flamingos as the dream evolves. I remember them all chanting “Flick the switch!” when the invention is unveiled. No luck tracking it down with my web searching skills. 😦
The correct answer came within 6 hours. I’m curious if anyone who reads this message will find it independently–without using Aardvark themselves. If not, I’ll be forced to give Aardvark a very glowing review for answering a question that has been plaguing me for years. One way or the other, I’ll post the answer tomorrow night.
Added: Check out the rematch!

By Daniel Tunkelang

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It is indeed. Congrats on finding it within minutes!

A couple of reactions. First, you are a better searcher than I. I stand humbled. Second, the top hit for me is an answer from Google Answers from someone who sounds a lot like me–but isn’t me–who asked a similar question in 2006. In fact, I don’t see any other relevant results, other than this post.

So, while Aardvark did come through, I can’t give it too much credit when I–as a professional–clearly should have been better as an information seeker. Part of the problem when I did look for it is that I got it into my head that it was a stop-motion animation, which of course it isn’t.


Christopher: I tried repeating your query on Google. I went through all five pages of results. There was not a single result in the whole list that linked to the web site. So how did you actually find it? Did Google give you different results than it gave me?


I see.

So, really the answer was arrived at via a “social” search solution, anyway: Google Answers. Google found the Google Answers page, but it didn’t actually find the “real” answer page — the real answer was one step removed, one level of indirection?


I could have tried different query combinations to see if I could get a direct link but since the google answers was the 1st result and had the correct answer I did not bother.


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