Are You Part Of The Noisy Community?

About a month ago, I added a page to this blog called The Noisy Community, a directory of people whom I believe to be regular readers. It’s easy to identify those of you who contribute comments. But I realize many more of you are lurkers (the logs tell all!), and that’s OK too. All of you are welcome members of the community, and including you in the directory is the least that I can do to show my appreciation for your making this blog a worthwhile enterprise.

Plus, it’s win/win. You get visibility, referral traffic, and all of that other good link economy stuff. The Noisy Channel gets to boast of your readership, and perhaps even gets a little extra search traffic. And all of us get to have a better idea of who else is hanging out here.

So, if you’re not listed there and want to be, please let me know, either by commenting here or by emailing me. Or tweet to me!

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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