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Jeremy Pickens doesn’t have a blog–as far as the blogosphere goes, he is homeless. Or rather, he likes to hang out at my house–which is great, because he’s the kind of guest who brings over good wine and then helps you with the cooking. He is by far the most active contributor to the comment threads here at The Noisy Channel. If you are reading this blog through an RSS reader and skipping the comments, here is a taste of what you’ve been missing:

I met Jeremy a few years ago–at RIAO 2007 in Pittsburgh if I recall correctly. He co-authored a paper on “Collaborative Exploratory Search” presented at the inaugural HCIR workshop that same year.

As his home page at FXPAL tells us:

Jeremy’s major research themes, since joining FXPAL in 2005, include Music Information Retrieval, Video Information Retrieval and Collaborative Exploratory Search (Collaborative Information Seeking). He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst at the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR). Jeremy did his post-doctoral work at King’s College in London from 2004-2005.

Jeremy is too modest to claim credit for his outsize contributions to this blog, so I thought I’d break convention and allow his collective comments to qualify as a “blog I read”.Β  They are certainly worth reading. and I hope he keeps contributing once he does have a blog of its own–which is inevitable.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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But seriously, guys.. maybe I’m just not up to snuff on the technology, but how do you follow a threaded discussion across blogs? Suppose we want to really get in to something good. If my response is a blogpost, and then Daniel’s response is another blog post, and then Jason and Mark each respond with blogposts.. how am I supposed to follow that conversational thread? Yes, there are trackbacks. But those are only single, point-to-point devices. They don’t really let me reconstruct the narrative thread.

So if someone could explain to me how to do this, I’d be happy to take the longer, more interesting discussions “off-comment”, and onto a standalone-blog.

Oh, but FWIW, I did register my domain last night. πŸ™‚


Jason: Yes, the world will be changed; it will go from having 240.1 million blogs to 240.100001 million blogs πŸ˜‰


It would be nice to be able to link related posts across the blogosphere–whether by mutual agreement or asymmetrically–so that the comment threads weren’t scattered. As far as I know, FriendFeed, Disqus, BackType, et cetera don’t make this easy or even possible.

Techmeme and other aggregators have no trouble identifying clusters of related blog posts, but they don’t take the extra step of offering a unified comment feed. It’s a great opportunity!

In any case, I’m looking forward to your blog. Neither nor are available; what domain did you register?


No, you read too much into me. It really should be



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