Early Stage IR / NLP Investment Opportunity

Those of you who know me offline or online hopefully know that I have a very critical eye, especially when it comes to technical innovations. But every now and then I run into colleagues whose research projects that scream for productization.

I’ve been talking to such a colleague and am eager to hook him up with the right angel or VC investors. He’s in the New York area, if geography matters to you, and the IR / NLP technology he has developed is of the sort that would generally appeal to readers here, but is in no way competitive with my employer’s.

If you are an investor looking for opportunities and are interested in learning more, please contact me directly. Please don’t contact me just because you are curious. I’m not trying to tease anyone, and I promise that, if something comes of this, everyone here will find about about it in due course.

Also, I realize I’m not giving much information away, which is not my style. I recognize that this stinginess may put off potential investors. I’m sorry, but it’s a conscious trade-off. I have a deep respect for my colleague’s privacy, and I also feel that the trust I am asking for acts as a useful filter: if you don’t trust my taste in ready-for-prime-time technology, then there’s no reason for either of us to waste each other’s time.

In any case, I’m not asking for money, just evidence that you are an investor (and no, not evidence in the Nigerian Letter sense). Also, I don’t have any direct stake in the outcome; I’m just trying to help a colleague. Although it’s the sort of venture in which I’d happily serve as an advisor.

You can contact me at dtunkelang at gmail dot com.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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It’s complementary to what Endeca does, and in any case we’ve been doing well by growing organically and partnering with companies that complement our offerings. But, as you said, who knows?


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