Can’t Buy Me Friends

The Beatles may have sung that you can’t buy love, but, as we learned last week, you can certainly sell friends. And now it seems that companies will be able to buy them. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb writes that “Twitter May Have Found Its Business Model“:

Professional hustler turned CEO Jason Calacanis spelled it out on Twitter tonight. The new Twitter “suggested friends” feature (first blogged by Pete Cashmore) is a natural place to sell friend connections between users and companies wanting to communicate with them.

I suppose it isn’t any crazier than selling your opinions. Oh wait, that was supposed to be satire…

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

One reply on “Can’t Buy Me Friends”

I suppose a few “sponsored” suggested friends might work, similar to sponsored results in Google. I expect people may even pay more attention to them than I do with sponsored links. But if this is all Twitter’s got, we’re going to be looking for another microblogging platform when the VC money runs out.


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