Forums for Enterprise Search Practitioners

Since a substantial fraction of readers here are involved with enterprise search (in its broadest sense), I thought it might be helpful to share links to three online forums targeting this field.

  • The search_dev Yahoo group,  “a technical and business discussion group for developers, consultants, IT people and managers who work with Enterprise Search engines”.
  • The Enterprise Search Engine Professionals LinkedIn group, which welcomes “product managers, developers, designers, buyers, business developers etc. working with Enterprise Search products and platforms”.
  • The Information Access and Search Professionals LinkedIn group, which welcomes “specialists in Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Natural Language Engineering, Image, Audio and Video Analysis, and related areas of Human Computer Interaction and User Studies”.

If you are aware of other valuable forums and resources (preferably ones that are vendor-neutral), please let the rest of us know!

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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