Calling All New York Area CTY Alumni

My apologies to regular readers for this completely off-topic post. If you’ve never heard of CTY, feel free to get back to your regularly scheduled reading.

But if you are a CTY alum in the New York area and are interested in meeting your peers, please keep reading. CTY alumni coordinator Sarah Shelfer and alum Matt Mochary organized a gathering at the Pegu Club for 1980s CTY alumni in New York. We barely managed to fit around the table (new folks arrived as early birds rotated out), and all of us were excited at the prospect of renewing our connection to CTY and to one another. We’re still figuring out next steps, but the first one is to start find more of one another. I’m hoping that this blog post helps spread the word.

If you are a CTY alum, even if you’re not in New York, and you’re interested in renewing your connection to CTY and the people who shared this formative experience with you, please contact Sarah at And, if you are in New York–or if you remember me from my three summers at Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall–please give me a shout!

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.