Google’s Getting MaverWiki

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But I do thank Jeff for alerting me to Google’s SearchWiki efforts:

The new feature is a more transparent way to personalize search results; this time, Google allows users to decide which search results are the most relevant and to share those findings with other users. Instead of bookmarking the results or saving them in Google Notebook, you can make them more visible on a search results page and find them when you search later. Unfortunately, Google’s interface will become cluttered unless Google decides to hide the new options until you click on a link like “Edit the search results”.

Of course, the big question is if / how a user’s feedback will affect result ranking for everyone else. Given Google’s experience with fighting spam, I’d imagine they’d know better than to provide an easily gamed feedback.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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From Googler Matt Cutts:

And just to dispel one more misconception that I saw a few people speculate on: if user A edits their search results, it doesn’t affect the search results for user B.

There is an option for users to go check out notes left by other users, but that requires additional explicit work–by default, users don’t see other users’ notes. And even if you do the work to see other users’ notes, other users’ changes don’t affect your search rankings.

So this purely modifies your own search results rankings. So if you spam the rankings, you’re only spamming the rankings for yourself. 😉


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