Twitter: Threatening or Threatened?

Is Twitter a potential terrorist tool or the next Netscape? Amazingly–or at least amusingly–top stories on Techmeme today suggest both possibilities:

I actually see utility in Twitter, which makes me a bit of an oddball among my peers. But I think it’s interesting that so much of the discussion about it veers towards hyperbole.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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The juxtaposition of these two posts got me thinking: you’re probably aware that these positions are not mutually exclusive. The second post discusses whether or not Twitter the organization can retain control of the phenomenon it has spawned while the first suggests that it might not be all so benign. The NYTimes had a piece several weeks ago ( that did a very nice job picking apart some of the social and cultural implications of Twitter, both good and bad. But it seems to me that the practice here to stay, whether or not it is dominated by Twitter.


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