Is the Cloud a Trap?

A colleague of mine just pointed me to an article in Freedom to Tinker by Luis Villa entitled “Cloud(s), Hype, and Freedom“. It’s a nice analysis of some of the ideas that motivated two of my recent posts: “The Future is Mostly Cloudy” and “2.0 Means Give-to-Get“. Enjoy!

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

4 replies on “Is the Cloud a Trap?”

For an employee, the IT department’s offerings can be a trap.

Sure enough, you won’t catch me depending on my employer’s IT tools. And I’m a university professor who has more power within his organization than most employees.


The IT department is cloud-like, but as part of the same organization you’ve got at least some alignment of goals and at least some opportunities to influence things for the better. Those opportunities may be mostly hypothetical, of course, but maybe if we raise expectations around ‘the cloud’ we can raise expectations about IT as a side-effect 😉


Given Endeca’s size, our IT department is quite aligned with the organization as a whole, but I have seen larger organizations where the relationship is quite dysfunctional. Indeed, as Daniel Lemire suggests, the whole reason that employees turn to the cloud is to work around that dysfunction.


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