Tweeting from The Noisy Channel

I’m experimenting with ways to weave this blog into the broader fabric of social media. Some of you may have noticed the ShareThis links on each post. I hope some of you are using them to share material you encounter here. Today, I added the Twitter Updater plug-in, so new posts will automatically trigger a Twitter update (you can follow me here).

I’m also playing with BackType–see my comments here. Eventually I’ll figure out a way to make The Noisy Channel a central location for reading all of my public rants.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

2 replies on “Tweeting from The Noisy Channel”

That sounds like a recipe for creating an infinite loop! But seriously, I see Twitter as more transient and posting (including comments) as more permanent. I know that nothing is truly transient on the web, but I believe that it at least Twitter’s intent. So I’m wary to promote transient content to permanence. But curious to hear what you and others think of that distinction.


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