Fun with Twitter

I recently joined Twitter and asked the twitterverse for opinions about DreamHost vs. GoDaddy as a platform to host this blog on WordPress. I was shocked when I noticed today that I’d gotten this response from the President / COO of GoDaddy (or perhaps a sales rep posing as such).

Seems like a lot of work for customer acquisition!

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

3 replies on “Fun with Twitter”

Although, very easy to set up. At times I’ve set up RSS feeds for different keywords on twitter (currently watching “taxonomy”). At the Endeca conference last year I set it up to text me when someone twittered with “Endeca” – which was somewhat surreal. It can make for a weird interaction. I once twittered something about my love for Zappos and the next day their CEO was following me.


I have an RSS feed for Endeca tweets myself, and I get all a-twitter whenever I see anything come through on it. But I didn’t expect the COO of a company that buys Super Bowl ads to be hitting the pavement at this level.


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