Powerset: Public Launch Later Today

As a member of the Powerset private beta, I just received this announcement:

Greetings Powerlabbers,

Later today, Powerset is going to launch the first publicly available version of our product. Since you’ve been active in the Powerlabs community, we wanted to give you a special heads-up to look for our release. Your suggestions, help, feedback, bug reports, and conversation have helped us immensely in creating an innovative and useful product. We hope that you’ll continue to be active in Powerlabs and make more great suggestions.

More information will be posted on Powerset’s blog later today, so keep your eye out for updates. Also, consider following us on Twitter or becoming a fan of Powerset on Facebook.

If you have a blog, we’d especially appreciate it if you’d write a blog post about your experience with this first Powerset product. Since you’ve been on the journey with us, your insight will be helpful in showing other people all of the amazing features in this release.

Again, we want to extend special thanks to you for sticking with us. We hope you feel almost as invested in this release as we are.


The Powerset Team

As loyal readers know, I’ve posted my impressions in the past. Now that the beta will be publicly available, I’m curious to hear impressions from you all.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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Looks like they went live at 9pm PST with what they’d called WikiSearch in their beta. Please let me know what you think. If you are uncomfortable posting publicly, feel free to send email to dtunkelang at {,}.


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