This Conversation is Public

An interesting implication of blogging and other social media is that conversations once conducted privately have become public. The most common examples are conversations that take place through the comment areas for posts, rather than through private email.

My initial reaction to this phenomenon was to bemoan the loss of boundaries. But, in keeping with my recent musings about privacy, I increasingly see the virtues of public conversations. After all, a synonym for privacy, albeit with a somewhat different connotation, is secrecy. Near-antonyms include transparency and openness.

I can’t promise to always serve personally as an open, transparent information access provider. But I’ll do so where possible. Here at The Noisy Channel, the conversation is public.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

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[…] This idea of personal privacy and interaction with an increasingly Internet based world is something that I think about – a lot. I also read many of my fellow bloggers who think and write about it. Daniel Tunkelang is one of those bloggers and recent post of his has had me thinking about our concept of privacy. In When in Doubt, Make it Public he finished it off with the following Rather than wasting effort in a losing battle to protect the remants of our privacy, let’s embrace the efficiency of public conversation. […]


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