Guided Summarization

I’m still waiting for the ECIR organizers to post the slides from the Industry Day. I particularly liked Nick Craswell’s presentation on A Brief Tour of “Query Space”. Until his slides are up, I recommend this SIGIR ’07 paper to give you an idea of his approach.

Slides are here as a PowerPoint show for anyone interested, or use the embedded SlideShare show below.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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Daniel, is the term “Guided Summarization” different than “Faceted Search”? If yes, what is the difference? (Btw, very nice slides!)


Panos, thank you!To answer your question, guided summarization subsumes faceted search, and a full discussion of the difference deserves its own post, if not a full-length article. According to Wikipedia:”A faceted browser or faceted semantic browser is a user interface which makes use of faceted classification to allow the user to explore by filtering available information. Each facet typically corresponds to the possible values of a property common to a set of digital objects.”In some cases, “the possible values of a property common to a set of digital objects” are a great summary of the current context and comprise the space of useful refinement options. But not always. When there are too many facets or too many values, a practical system can’t display them all–and, indeed, not all facets and values contribute equally to summarizing the current context or to illuminating useful refinement options. Furthermore, the most useful summary information may not come from the facet values themselves, but from some other analysis of the result set.As I say in the fifth slide: Contextual summaries of document sets optimize system’s communication with user; query refinement options optimize user’s communication with system. These two pieces comprise guided summarization.I apologize if this is still too abstract. I promise to return to this topic in more detail!


Daniel, helloThe Industry Day slides are now available online (at least those received by Craig). The website master is just back from holidays, so he did not have the chance to update the web site until today.Anyway slides are now available at the ECIR 2008 web site.CheersIadh


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