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I’ve gotten a fair amount of feedback suggesting that I switch blogging platforms. Since I’d plan to make such changes infrequently, I’d like to get input from readers before doing so, especially since migration may have hiccups.

I’ve just posted a poll on the home page to ask if folks here have a preference as to which blogging platform I use. Please vote this week, and feel free to post comments here.

By Daniel Tunkelang

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When you started, I suggested WordPress and buying your own domain name. I still recommend the same. I plan on switching to WordPress in the near future. There are some tricks to making WordPress preserve your URLs. There are some answers if you Google around. It involves importing your data into WordPress and using a plugin to change the way WordPress formats URLs.


I don’t want to prejudice the voters, but I’ll volunteer that my current plan is to do exactly that, unless I hear strong input to the contrary.I did buy my own domain name (, but I was lazy about the platform, and about hosting. In fairness to my former self, I wasn’t really that sure this whole blogging thing would pan out. Still, you did tell me so. πŸ™‚


Getting your own domain name is an excellent option. On the other hand, why would you change from Blogger to WordPress? What features are lacking in Blogger that you plan to use?In the end, whatever you do… keep up the good content πŸ™‚


Hi Daniel,Go for a WordPress blog hosted by a thrid party ISP. I use WordPress on Dreamhost’s platform for the Buzzillions blog and my personal family blog. You don’t want since you can’t install any plugins and you have to use a pre-accepted theme. You also don’t want to install WordPress yourself since you don’t want to be at the mercy of your IT folks schedule when a security patch for wordpress comes out.You get all the flexibility without the hassle suing the scheme above. Dreamhost has one-click upgrades so you don’t have to monkey around for simple things. It’s easy to upload plugins and evertyhing.Cheers, Jim


Well, it’s pretty clear I’m going to WordPress, so I’m glad to get the advice on hosting. I’ll check out Dreamhost.


@anonymous: I’m changing to WordPress in order to have more control over the blog presentation. Perhaps I could do more with other templates. But almost everyone I’ve asked (including readers here) has told me that associating posts with categories, adding social media buttons, and various other improvements will be easier with WordPress.Plus I haven’t gone wrong by following Jeff’s advice. πŸ™‚


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