Exploratory search is relevant too!

After seeing what the Noisy channel readership has done to improve the HCIR and Relevance Wikipedia entries, I was thinking we might take on one or two more. Specifically, the Exploratory Search and Exploratory Search Systems entries are, quite frankly, in sad shape.

Between the readership here, the folks involved in HCIR ’08, and the participants in the IS3 workshop, I would think we have more than enough expertise in exploratory search to fix these up.

Any volunteers? For those of you who are doing research in exploratory search, consider that those two Wikipedia pages are the top hits returned when people search for exploratory search on Google.

By Daniel Tunkelang

High-Class Consultant.

6 replies on “Exploratory search is relevant too!”

The “update profile” for the Relevance article clearly shows the recent increase in activity :)


I think its going to be especially useful to differentiate both the HCIR and Exploratory Search pages from each other. I have a hard time doing that myself, especially after things like interactive information retrieval have been around for some time too. I’ve got a good handle on the latter, but yet to properly identify how HCIR is significantly different! I need to do my own research i suppose 😉


Max, I just took a look at the current page, and that’s a great improvement already. I’m thinking we should delete the orphanned Exploratory Systems entry and focus on this one.


can you make pages of wikipedia re-direct? because this might be worth doing rather than deleting it. there is a faceted browser page of wikipedia too, which could perhaps be built into the faceted classifications page in a similar way.


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